The AFT3000™ is our new enhanced processing system that boasts several new features along with all of the existing capabilities of its predecessor, the AFT2000®.  The AFT3000™ can run up to 9 slides at once and includes an on-board barcode reader that automatically reads your sample barcodes.  The on-board barcode reader makes setting up runs a breeze – simply specify how many patients you have, load your samples, and then walk away!  The instrument will do the rest while ensuring traceability throughout the run.


The AFT3000™ also comes with our newly released CCX software that features top notch graphics and is incredibly user-friendly.  In order to streamline your laboratory’s ANA testing procedures, the AFT3000™ was created with the capability to communicate with the Image Navigator® to avoid dual entry.  The AFT3000™ also comes standard with a Plexiglas cover to offer increased protection while your assays are being processed.  Although slightly larger than its predecessor, the AFT3000™ still boasts a small footprint that requires minimal bench space at 26”w x 22”d x 25”h with 32” needed for clearance.

AFT3000 copy







Click here to view a narrated video of the AFT3000™.

Download AFT Brochure (PDF | 716 K)