Autoimmune Fast Track 2000

Total Flexibilty for Optimized Workload

AFT2000® stands for Autoimmune FastTrack, which perfectly describes the function of this advanced IFA/ELISA test processing system. Designed to manage high-workloads while saving space with its compact size, the flexible AFT2000® takes away stress by reducing potential errors and by freeing your precious time. By maximizing the available platform space to provide capacity for 96 patient samples and up to 16 IFA slides or 2 ELISA plates, the AFT2000® can handle your workload while giving you the added confidence of pre-programmed assays from the Immuno Concepts’ range of tests.  The AFT2000® can also be fitted with our new IFA High Capacity Rack, which was designed with the high volume laboratory in mind.  Its sample capacity is 160 samples and it includes 10 slide positions to allow for full screen, full titer, or combination runs.

The AFT2000® also comes with our newly released CCX software that features top notch graphics and is incredibly user-friendly.  In order to streamline your laboratory’s ANA testing procedures, the AFT2000® has the capability to communicate with the Image Navigator® to avoid dual entry.

This open testing system also provides the following features:

  • Walk-away operation
  • Processes up to 8 different IFA tests simultaneously
  • Allows for specific sample dilution selections
  • Dual nozzle PTFE-coated probe gives minimal carryover
  • Records and reports all steps and liquid handling and gives continuous updates on progress through graphic interface
  • Minimal set-up and maintenance required on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Small footprint requires minimal bench space 18″w x 22″d x 16″h

GFMD supports the following tests:

  • Slide based assays for ANA, nDNA, ANCA
  • RELISA® ANA Screen
  • RELISA® ENA Screen
  • RELISA® ENA Multiparameter
  • RELISA® Cardiolipin
  • Rodent Tissue from Medica for AMA and ASMA

To schedule an AFT2000® demonstration in your area, please call 800.527.2320, and someone will gladly assist you.

Click here to view a video of the AFT2000®

Download AFT Brochure (PDF | 716 K)