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institutions-thumbMaking sure expired and unused drugs are properly disposed of is one of today’s biggest liabilities for hospitals, doctors and other healthcare facilities. RX Destroyer offers a safe, affordable way to protect your community from the dangers of controlled substances.

RX Destroyer Makes the Disposal of Medication More Affordable
RX Destroyer offers hospitals, clinics and surgery centers an environmentally safe means right_imageof disposing of unused or expired drugs that conforms to the DEA’s latest standards of drug disposal and destruction. Because RX Destroyer is completely portable it can be easily stored in close proximity to the drugs themselves, making it the perfect tool to mitigate drug diversion.

For Liquids
Developed in response to requests from healthcare institutions, GFMD is proud to introduce the RX Destroyer for Liquids product. RX Destroyer for Liquids addresses the specific need for an affordable, secure way to dispose of unused liquids. This is a terrific solution for surgery centers and operating rooms that need to dispose of drug and pharmaceutical wastage.

More Affordable. Safer.
RX Destroyer is safer, faster, and more affordable that other systems for disposal of pharmaceutical substances. At a time of skyrocketing healthcare costs and increased governmental oversight, providers are looking for areas in their budget in which they can save money. This is the perfect time to put RX Destroyer to work for you.

Wall Mounted Holders
Many of our institutional customers wanted a secure location to store RX Destroyer. We have wall holders, both with and without locks.

RX Destroyer 1 Gallon HolderRxDestroyer-64oz-Wall-Mount1

  • Rx Destroyer™ patented formula begin dissolving medications on contact.
  • RX Destroyer™ chemically digests controlled substances
  • RX Destroyer™ is environmentally safe

Environmentally Safe
Medications disposed in RX Destroyer will not leach back to the environment. Resulting waste is nonhazardous and meets EPA standards.

Discover How to Dispose of Medication Safely
Healthcare institutions have always faced the dilemma of how to dispose of medication securely. RX Destroyer immediately begins rendering unused and out of date medications inert in just minutes. Simply place tablets, capsules, liquids or cut up patches into RX Destroyer premixed bottle, recap securely and shake. Let stand for 30 minutes. Once the bottle contents are within two inches from the top the bottle, then simply dispose of the container.*

RX Destroyer comes in 16 oz, 1/2 Gallon, 1 Gallon, 2.5 Gallon, and 5 Gallon containers. Choose between our original formula and our new “Just for Liquids” formulation. There’s no better way to keep pharmaceutical substances out of the wrong hands.


Mail Back Program
GFMD has a mail back program and can handle the disposal of filled containers.

  • An order is placed with GFMD for mail back of the correct case size of RX Destroyer™.
  • A copy of the DEA log is sent to us to verify that only non-hazardous drugs have been added to the container.
  • After that has been received, GFMD issues a UPS return shipping label to the customer by email.
  • If the original shipping box was not kept, an additional shipping box is mailed to the customer for an additional fee.
  • The return UPS label is fixed to the box, and the full sealed containers then come via UPS to Dallas for disposal.
  • Freight is included.

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* Observe all federal, state and local environmental regulations when disposing of this material.