GFMD is the sole distributor of Immuno Concepts, who is the manufacturer of HEp2000® – the only slide based assay with the unique and distinctive SSA/Ro pattern. Immuno Concepts manufactures a complete line of autoimmune disease diagnostic assays in slides, immunodiffusion and ELISA configurations. Combine these products with the AFT2000® or AFT3000™ to define and optimize your autoimmune workload management. Immuno Concepts is the only manufacturer which offers the choice for non-flourescent slide based assay using HEp-2000® for ANA testing. Immuno Concepts Colorzyme® uses a patented color reagent system that eliminates the need for fluorescent microscopes and darkened rooms for reading.To request information or to schedule a visit with a sales representative in your area, please call 800.527.2320 or visit

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SSA/Ro pattern on HEp-2000®
SSA/Ro positive sample as seen on Fluorescent HEp-2000®.

SSA/Ro positive sample as seen on Colorzyme® HEp-2000®.