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40 years of Eliminating Subjectivity

Global Focus is the worldwide market representative for the clinical manufacturer, Immuno Concepts. Global Focus markets, services, educates, and automates Immuno Concepts customers of every shape and size. Immuno Concepts is a specialized autoimmune manufacturer in Sacramento, CA, famous for the commercialization of the HEp-2 IFA assay and inventor of the HEp-2000® IFA assay. Immuno Concepts Colorzyme® uses a patented color reagent system that eliminates the need for fluorescent microscopes and darkened rooms for reading. Immuno Concepts assays are the market leader in clinical performance.

To request information or to schedule a visit with a sales representative in your area, please call (800) 527-2320 or visit www.immunoconcepts.com.

Immunofluorescent Assays (IFA)


Since Immuno Concepts’ founding, the core focus of its manufacturing has been IFA slides. IC’s growth and production processes for itscell and tissue lines have been perfected over the last 40 years and are the secret ingredients to what makes its slides look consistently better than the rest of the market. Our test systems are designed to work in conjunction, especially when automated, with matching incubations and system fluids. Slide configurations vary dependent on your needs.




Immuno Concepts’ Colorzyme® assays utilize the same reliable cell production with a patented color reagent that eliminates the variability seen with fluorescent methods such as type of light source, filters, and extraneous room lighting. The results can be read on a standard light microscope helping to bring costs down significantly for new users. Slide configurations vary dependent on your needs.




Robust ELISA performance is judged by not only accuracy, but consistency.
Our reliable ELISA (RELISA) product line is superior in both.