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Created under a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA 22-TST-001) with the United States Department of Homeland Security for use by their agencies.


Proven Performance

Independently tested by a DEA-registered laboratory to verify Narc Gone's effectiveness in destroying illicit narcotics and prescription drugs.


Narc Gone® chemical drug destruction process neutralizes the hazardous chemicals of the drugs and allows for the filled containers to either be discarded in the trash, or sent for incineration, depending on what has been added and state/local regulations.

Cost Effective

Narc Gone® allows you to handle both illicit and prescription drug disposal in one safe, affordable, and easy to employ solution.

Narc Gone® Mx is the only chemical-destruction product tested and verified to destroy all forms of Oxycontin and oxycodone (crush-proof / time release).
Narc Gone® Mx uses a proprietary chemical destruction solution that starts dissolving and adsorbing the drugs on contact. During this process, the drugs are adsorbed and neutralized by the mixture of activated carbon in the container. Narc Gone® Mx is completely non-toxic and non-hazardous. Once the container is full, the included hardener can be added to the container. This hardener will transform the liquid into a solid gel removing any excess liquid, eliminating any possibility of leaching. This final solid state provides compliance with the liquid paint filter test seen in some state regulations for landfill disposal. Narc Gone® Mx is designed for the disposal of both solid and liquid schedule 1 illicit narcotics. It can also be used for destruction of all forms of non-hazardous, controlled and non-controlled medications, including pills, capsules, tablets, creams, fentanyl and nicotine patches, suppositories and liquids. The finished (full) Narc Gone® Mx bottle may be discarded into the regular waste stream, but we recommend checking with local, state, federal, and tribal authorities before determining final disposition.

Independent Lab Testing

Narc Gone products have been independently tested by a DEA-Certified Laboratory, and proven to meet the DEA’s non-retrievable standard. Click on below links to download reference documentation.


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